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Your dream job is out there. We’ll help you find it.

Focus on what you love. Finding a new job isn’t always about hating your current one. Sometimes it’s just finding that next best fit.

Start Now

At Trovo Group, we adjust and adapt our search process to ensure we’re bringing candidates opportunities that will ACTUALLY be a good fit.

We’re in the business of long-term relationships so we want to make sure wherever you move, you’re staying for the long haul.

Expanding your options

We partner with innovative tech companies of all sizes, from venture-backed start and scale-ups to established industry leaders. We connect you with a universe of high-potential opportunities, then work with you to carefully assess and select the best long-term fit.

Ready to explore your next move?

Along the way, we’ll help you build a 360-degree understanding of your next move, exploring key details including:

  • Quotas, goals and expectations
  • Commissions, bonuses and performance plans
  • Stocks, options & long-term incentive schemes
  • Sales cycles, deal sizes, market focuses & product positioning
  • Perks, benefits & add-ons
  • Culture, environment, teams & founders
  • References & peer feedback