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Trovo Group engages with the most coveted sales and marketing talent for the booming global technology sector.

Our specialties include building out sales and marketing teams from bottom to top, including everything from SDRs to CROs and Content Creators to CMOs. Since day one, our mission has been to work closely with industry-leading technology organizations of every shape and size to make an impact on the SaaS space.

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On your wavelength

To be a truly effective extension of your hiring team, we’ve got to be on the same page. We get sales recruitment. Sure, we’ve got the tools & network to extend your talent reach. But we’ve also got the expertise to vet and assess candidates in depth – getting behind resume data to understand the stories, environments and performance histories of each applicant.

We know the questions to ask and the areas to dig into to build a rounded view of each candidate profile, saving you time, money and stress in scaling your go-to-market teams.

What you get

Access to top performers

Tap into our network of quota-busters, President’s Club winners and top-percentile rainmakers across the SaaS market.

Detailed candidate data

Vital context on candidate performance, objectives and must-know information to strengthen and accelerate your hiring processes.

Transparent communication

Responsive, detailed feedback and crystal clear communication throughout the hiring process, from initial brief to post-placement candidate care.

Full commitment

A relentless talent partner, leveraging our full range of resources to bring you the brightest talent in the global marketplace.